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Cleanlogic Bamboo Bath Brush

Cleanlogic Eco-Friendly Bamboo Handle Bristle Bath Brush for Dry or Wet Brushing, Natural Bristles made from Boars Hair, Exfoliation, Improve Lymphatic, Stimulate Blood Circulation, Eliminate Fat and Toxins, Deeper Clean.

  • WET OR DRY BRUSH: Made of natural bristles from boars hairs, this brush is great for either dry brushing or to create a full and rich lather in the bath or shower that deeply cleanses and revives dull, dry skin.
  • EASY TO USE: Good for the environment made of bamboo for long-lasting durability, the long-handle makes it easy to wash hard-to-reach area, is humidity resistant and gentle to the skin.
  • REVITALIZE: Gently eliminates dead cells, increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic circulatory system to rejuvenate your body, relieve stress and leaving you feeling revitalized.