Masc-A-Gray hair mascara for gray hair. No longer do you have to wait to cover up any unsightly roots or hair strands. The product is a mascara-like wand that is applied to the roots and matches your current hair color.


Never before has hiding gray hairs been so simple. The Masc-A-Gray hair mascara application process is easy and fast, so you can fit it in whenever, from before heading to work or right before bedtime. Just apply the hair mascara to the discolored roots and stray stands and let it dry. The drying process only takes a minute before you look salon perfect. The product never flakes or stains. It’s also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it running if it rains. Rashell hair mascara will remain intact until shampooed out. 

Rashell Masc-A-Gray Root Concealer