Dresdner Kid's Dirty Birdie Bath Powder - Cheer Up (Grapefruit & Orange Oils)

Bath powder additive for children with a soothing fragrance of palmarosa, and bitter orange oil.  For kids over 3 years of age, 1 pouch per bath.

With our DIRTY BIRDIE line, we have developed products for children that are not only colorful, lot’s of fun, smell great and gently foam. They’re also naturally healthy for children’s skin not to mention environmentally-friendly. As a result, all NATRUE certified DIRTY BIRDIE products are 100 % vegan. When it comes to high-quality natural cosmetics for children, our imaginative, versatile DIRTY BIRDIE line of bath and care products is truly unique. The DIRTY BIRDIE along with his friends experience a new adventure and learn a new lesson on every product. DIRTY BIRDIE products contain a natural blend of fragrances from natural essential oils and are enriched to nurture sensitive children’s skin with sesame oil and wheat protein. The fragrances don’t just smell great, they also provide effective aromatherapy. We select our colors and fragrances with utmost care and based on a sophisticated concept so that the colors and dyes complement one another for maximum effect.

Dirty Birdie Bath Powder Cheer Up