Featherweight bonding serum is clinically proven to seal split hairs by 94% in a single use!* Leaves hair silky with maximum color and heat protection. 


Juniper & Geranium Essence



  • Fuses frayed ends together through iconic linkage to instantly repair broken fibers 
  • Creates an invisible protective seal around the cuticle to smooth, repair, and protect against future damage 
  • Fortifies, boosts collagen, restores elasticity, and repairs damaged cells 
  • Provides unsurpassed color and heat protection
  • Bonding polymers create a protective seal that fuses frayed ends and repairs broken fibers 
  • Geranium flower oil, baobab superfruit, and seaweed to nourish, fortify, and restore moisture balance

ColorProof SuperRich Split Ends Mender