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Aankura Beauty Care


My name is Rita Oli and I was born in Nepal. I am passionate about caring and enhancing the natural beauty in everyone. I personally believe in personalized care, tailoring each service to meet the unique needs and preferences of every client. I have over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. With all these years of experience, I specialize in a wide range of treatments including threading, waxing, facials, make up, and tinting. My commitment to staying updated on the latest trends and techniques ensures that clients receive the highest quality of service and leave feeling confident and rejuvenated. Whether it's for a special occasion or just a routine beauty regimen, I am here to help you look and feel your best.

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Pricing List


1 Hour $130



45 min $90+


Cheek  $7

Chin  $7

Eyebrow  $18

Forehead  $7

Full Neck  $12

Half Neck  $9

Mid Eyebrow  $5

Side Burn of Face  $11

Upper Lip  $7

Full Face with Eyebrow  $46

Eyebrow Tinting



Cheek  $8

Chin  $8

Ears  $15

Upper Lip  $8

Eyebrows  $22

Forehead  $8

Side Burn of Face  $12

Full Face with Eyebrow  $50

Half Arm  $30      Full Arm  $45

Under Arm  $21

Half Back  $25     Full Back  $40

Bikini Line  $30    Full Bikini  $52

Breast Area  $30

Half Leg  $40       Full Leg  $65

Half Neck  $11     Full Neck  $13

Nose  $15

Stomach  $30

Full Butt  $30

Full Body  $250


Dana's Hair
Dolores' Hair
Aimee's Hair
Rose's Hair